Charm Beads For Healthcare Workers

Just as we mentioned in previous posts, charm beads can be used as a way to express a career or passion. We know of several nurses who request specific charms that remind them of what they do at work. This is a great way to help share your identity with those around you and connect with other healthcare providers. Often times those who purchase healthcare themed charm beads can get discounts for other things in their field. If you’re needing ACLS certification you should read United Medical Education reviews. Several medical professionals have written positive reviews about United Medical Education and the special discounts they offer their students. You can also read more reviews here.

If you’re interested in seeing our charm beads related to medical professions send us an email and we will be happy to reply with a detailed catalog. We often update our inventory and prices so even if you’ve purchased charm beads with us in the past we likely have several new ones that you haven’t seen.

Charm Beads For Doctors With ACLS Certification

While those doctors who have earned their ACLS certification it won’t say it on their name tag at work. Some of our female doctors choose to use charm beads to show that they have completed their ACLS training. This is generally shown with a charm of a heart with a heart rhythm going through it. The charm bead that some people choose can depend largely on the company a doctor or nurse uses to certify. If you chose to certify in ACLS, PALS, and BLS through United Medical Education you should consider getting a charm bead that is similar to their logo.

Charm Beads In the Hospital Setting

Charm beads are not appropriate for every hospital setting. Obviously if you work primarily in the operating room then you can’t have jewels dangling from your wrist. There are other options. You can wear the beads on a necklace or on an anklet. The most important thing is that you constantly keep the charms clean regardless of what you’re doing with them.

Placing Them On Scrubs

Yes, you can place charm beads on scrubs. We have seen a lot of nurses especially get into turning their boring scrub outfits into a fun uniform. This is most common among nurses who work with children. It is especially trendy if you’ve ever visited a children’s hospital to see nurses who have made a real effort to build a comfortable environment where children can feel save. It is important that children have something familiar and fun when visiting the hospital because they generally are not used to being there. Many of these nurses who work with children have earned their Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification and show it through their charms.

Other articles of clothing that you can put charms is shoes. Since the charm beads are removable, I know people that move charm beads from one pair of shoes to another, and mix and match depending on where they are going. This does often result in the charms getting dirty but it’s nothing a little soap can’t fix.

Things You Should Be Aware Before Buying Charm Beads

The trend of charm beads for creating jewelry pieces i.e. bracelets has been on the surge since quite some time now and it is there to stay. You can either get the readymade charm beads bracelets in the market or create your own designs at home. The process of designing bracelets composed of charm beads is very simple. More on that later, but for now, let’s have a look at few things that you should be aware of before you head to market or surf the internet to buy the stunning charm beads.


Although the average charm beads are not so expensive; however, it is a wise practice to set a budget before you head out to shop. The cost of a charm bead depends on its material as premium quality material enhances the look and longevity of the jewelry piece that is composed of charm beads. There are various brands offering charm beads at different prices, you need to know about their market value before shopping from them. 


There are various styles available when it comes to charm beads bracelets. You should have adequate information about them and know the right style that will suit you. Select the beads in accordance with the design you want to create with them. You will come across some charm beads that have a blank space. That space can be used to engrave with the short inscription or date to mark any special occasion. These charms are usually designed to commemorate special events or occasions like wedding, engagement, and graduation etc. When it comes to style it’s the same when selling your house. We have known several house buyers that use decorations such as charm beads to spice up the home they are trying to sell. Well, charm beads are a great place to start.


Safety of the beads is of extreme importance when making bracelets. Making sure the materials used in the production of the beads are safe and free of harsh chemicals can save someone’s life. Inspection of the beads by a healthcare provider with ACLS online certification will help provide certainty in the distribution of a safe and healthy product.


An infinite variety of charm beads material is available in the market. The material usually determines the cost of the beads. Inexpensive charms are made from alloy metals or stainless steel. High-end charms are made platinum, gold or silver material. These are the most commonly used and available charm beads across the world. However, the most expensive charms that are available are made from gemstones i.e. emeralds or diamonds.

Apart from the other factors mentioned above, you need to know the purpose of the beads you are purchasing. For example, if you are buying them for the purpose of gifting someone, opt for high-end charms as they enhance the appearance of jewelry with their striking look. If you are looking for charm beads to gift them to your better half, there can be a no better option than the charms made of diamond material as the diamonds are one of the previous stones and no women can ever say no to them.

Last but not the least, you can also show your creative side by creating your designs with the help of these beautiful charm beads. Select a premium quality wire, arrange the beads on it as per your liking and flaunt your own designs and creativity.